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Welcome to One Eff Geof's Odd Creations web site. This site is something of a personal blog, brag board, movie theater, tip line and location where I''ll be selling a number of my diorama creations. Hopefully, your visit will be interesting, amusing and maybe even informative.

At the right is a photo of an extremely rare kit that I've just completed from Webbhead Enterprises based on Ray Harryhausen's earlest stop motion animation efforts called "The Jupiterian". To read how I made it along with a few other photos of this scene, just move your mouse over the "Harryhausen Tribute" tab at the top right of this page and select "The Jupiterian"'.

There are also several new photos I've taken in the Harryhausen Tribute Area. I've recently begun reshooting different areas of the site by using backgrounds to enhance (hopefully) the dioramas. I get them from Vistaprint, an outfit that also makes posters, cards, and the like to order. Check out the Hints & Tips section (Tip #25) for more information about this company.

The kits you'll be seeing in these pages may not be as complex as those plastic models I once built as a little boy but I think they hopefully look more realistic and intriguing. My goal was to add features that would improve the kit in ways that the designer or sculptor hadn't intended such as lighting & sound effects, scenery additions or incidental items. Where I can, I'll provide information on the kit's origins or manufacture so you can aquire some and try your hand at this rewarding hobby. 

If you have any questions on how I did something or comments correcting any errors (they'll be a few, I'm sure), please leave your remarks in the comments section.  But most of all, enjoy your visit.

As I add new dioramas or models, I'll post an update in the comments section which are date stamped.  I generally make a new addition on a weekly basis although this is obviously dependent on the complexity of the model or scene. I will add its photo to the right of this welcome page.

Note that ALL photos on this site are of my own build ups unless noted otherwise. Also, ALL the build-ups here are for sale. I couldn't list them all because this website limits my sales area to only five items. If you see something that you like, make me an offer! I only charge my out of pocket expenses plus shipping to you. If interested or you have any questions, please feel to contact me at oneeffgeof@gmail.com

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