Here are a few photos of a recent kit that I've finished based on the 1964 TV show "The Outer Limits'. Anyway, the episode that this creature (called a Thetan) is from is 'The Architects Of Fear' that aired on September 30, 1963. It is about a man who volunteers to be altered is such a way that he can fool the world's leaders into joining together to fight a common foe (the fictional Thetans) and thus save humanity from destroying itself. Shortly after beginning the irreversible process, he learns that his wife is pregnant which adds an extra layer of pathos to the story.
Most of the stories from this series had surprisingly humanistic aspects to the plots, something not usually found in what was dismissed as a 'science fiction show'. Robert Culp plays the unlucky 'winner' of the Thetan lottery and his performance is quite touching, even when he reveals what has happened to him to his horrified wife. I don't know if he got an Emmy for that performance but he certainly deserved one. NFS

  • Here is a screen shot from the episode showing the final transformation of the Robert Culp character.

  • This is a close up of the kit I just finished from Saturn Ltd. The kit is well cast and needed very little prep work. As it turns out, the kit size is almost that of the actual Thetan that Culps' transformation is based.

A brief video with the Outer Limits opening sound track to set the mood.