I think my favorite dinosaur on the loose film is "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms". The story (once you buy the premise) is pretty good and the added twist with the Rhedosaurus bringing along a deadly virus thus making its take down much more difficult. As has been pointed by many, Harryhausen's manages to have his creatures die like a fat lady at the opera, bringing a tear to the eye and "Beast" is no different. Still, I knew I was in for something special when the varmit chomps down on an unwary cop stupidly loading his gun. Ya!

Anyway, i manged to find two kits based on this film, one of which is fairly rare. The 'common' one is a nice resin model showing the Beast about to topple the lighthouse as shown in the film. No one to leave well enough alone, I gave the Beast stripes (black & white film so anything goes) and I installed a stobe LED in the lighthouse tower and a small light in the attached cabin. I had to discard the upper section of the light house (see slide show) and make my own so the light could work. I also use HO scale ladder stock to make the railing around the upper walkway. The picture above is the box art. My stuff is below.

This my final built up version of the lighted lighthouse scene.

This just a quick little scene showing the light house in 'action'.

I used a photo editor to get the black & white version of this kit since the film was originally released in black & white.


04.03.2020 18:20

robert j. walker

looking for beast 20000 fathoms resin kit for sale