Moebius Bride Of Frankenstein Model Kit

In something of a departure, I decided to get back to basics and assemble a good old fashioned plastic model kit. The kit I purchased turned out to be this scene from the 1935 horror classic "The Bride Of Frankenstein" made by Moebius.  

This kit is well made and the little 'extras' included like the test tubes and other lab equipment complete the scene without needing any enhancements. Still, me (being me) decided to add a little something extra primarily to make the paint job easier. The happy couple are sitting on a tufted divan or sofa which has brass buttons cast into the surface. Painting these things can be a pain so I ended up driling holes where the buttons were and inserting REAL brass nails. Viola'! Looks nice and its so much easier. SOLD!

That's the box art to the right.

I used a photo editor to get the black & white version of this kit since the film was originally released in black & white.