Stuff I did NOT related to model making you may like.

This is the brag board part I mentioned in this site's mission statement. What is here may be of interest to some of you, perhaps, maybe not.

Anyway, around 1978, I decided to try my hand at movie making by producing a stop motion animation film of my own. I came up with a simple story idea which I called "Probe" and thought that I could shoot this little opus in my spare time. As it turned out, the film took me a little over a year to film even though it is less than ten minutes in duration.

When I look at it today, I am sometimes embarressed by it and then, sometimes, I feel a little proud. Considering I did EVERYTHING which encompassed the film shoot schedule itself, model & set construction, the actual animation, creature concepts and fabrication, editing, sound track engineering and lots of other stuff I'm sure I have forgotten.  I guess as I look back on the whole project, it isn't that bad considering I hadn't a clue as to what the hell I was doing.

Anyway, I trust this isn't a waste of your time and perhaps you might enjoy this little story I've pulled together. Just remember, Steve Spielberg I ain't.

I should also mention that there are a pair of very short snippets (4 minutes total) at the end of "Probe". These show my first attempts at a.) figuring out how the damn movie camera worked and b.) sticking my toe in the ocean called stop motion animation.

PROBE - 1978

The Anthologies

As some of you may know, I've done some writing in the past, mostly in the horror and science fiction genres (no surprise there). I think you could call my work similar to the type of stories you'd find on the old TV show "The Twilight Zone".

Anyway, all of the thirteen stories in each anthology have been published at one time or another in the small press or on line. The small press was (or is) generally thought of a publication having a circulation of under 5000 subscribers.

Anyway, they are both Kindle books and if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you should be able to get a hold of each for free. If not, you're gonna have to spring for $2.99 (each) to download them to your eBook reader or Kindle.


Here are the links:

Night Walk: Thirteen Tales Of The Unexpected -

Night Walk 2: Thirteen New Stories Of The Unexpected -

Creepy Magazine Issue #13

My first published story called "Pipeline" appeared within these pages in 1967.

When I was a mere lad of 16, Creepy had a short story contest for readers & subscribers. The first place winner would have their story illustrated and featured in an upcoming issue. So with pen in hand, I dashed off my entry which didn't win but I got an honorable mention along with my story being published in the letters section of Issue #13 which had a great Gray Morrow cover. That was my first published work and though it took me about 25 years to get my next story in print (I'm a slow learner), I think back on the hours of enjoyment and inspiration the Creepy & Eerie series of magazines gave me in art and story telling.

JerseyFest 2016

Here is a copy of one of four Bronze Award Certificates that I recent won at this year's 2016 JerseyFest.
I was hoping that I would have done a little better but I truly had some very stiff competition. I won awards for the following build-ups that can be seen in their own pages. They are: 'New Horizon' (in the Robot area), 'Rout At Rocky Ridge' (in the War Of The Worlds section), Executive Officer Kane: Alien' (in the Kane page) and 'Desperate Measures In A Nazi Lair' (in the Desperate Measures area). I was hoping to do better with the War of the Worlds and Desperate Measures dioramas but I guess electronics doesn't impress the Jersey crowd that much. Perhaps I'll do better next year should I decide to go in 2017 although it's a four hour ride one way!

Two very nice awards I won at the 2017 Rhode Island Modeler's Association show in October. The People's Choice was for my "THEM!: Drain #267" diorama and the Top Pick was a RIMA Judge's award for most imaginative display although I was told that it was for all the work that I had on display that day namely "Kong vs T-Rex", "The Time Machine", "THEM!" and "The Battle for Collossa" all of which can be seen on this site in one place or another.

My 2017 display at the RIMA club members sections. As an RIMA member, I wasn't eligible for the general show competition however I was eligible for the People's Choice award which is voted on by the general public in attendance.

I won two Fourth Place awards and two pins for Achievement in Science Fiction and Fantasy at the 2017 Baycon show in November. The plaques were for "Alien: Executive Officer Kane" and "Kong vs T-Rex" and the pins were for "New Horizons" and "Dragonslayer: Vermithrex" which can all be seen elsewhere on this site. The picture above is just a place holder until I get the pictures of the actual plaques.