OEG Creations For Sale (Detailed Photos)

Here is a litte more information on my dioramas that I have for sale in my site store. They are ALL one of a kind and reasonably priced. Not counting my time in their design & construction, the price is reflected by the type of items used in the specific diorama/scene. The description for each will explain each in a little more detail. I will send more photos by request.

Note that there are TON of photos on this page so be sure to scroll all the way down so you won't miss any.

As I make more dioramas, I'll be posting announcements accordingly on my home page. If you like what I have done with the other kits displayed in this site, I WILL make them on consignment.  Just ask and we'll see what we can do for price & options.

I call this diorama "The Pet". It is one of a series of scenes that I hope will evoke memories of the fantastic and erotic images created by Frank Frazetta. This scene has a beautiful warrior woman with her pet T-Rex or is it the other way around? See this item for more information on its size & weight in my store.

"The Pet" diorama as seen from the right. If you look closely, you can see a large round 'altar' stone in the base that she is standing on.

A right side shot of "The Pet". The stone 'altar' she is standing on is more visible.

This is my "Orc Slayer" diorama. The girl is prettier than the others and has an 'anime' look about her. I went off the reservation on the T-Rex paint job but I think it looks neat. There are also three orc heads at her feet, that atest to her hunting & fighting prowess.

Here is a left side shot. It isn't that obvious but you can see her holding the head of her latest kill in her right hand.

This right side shot shows the T-Rex in greater detail. Before you object to the color scheme of this critter, Google "colored lizard" and you'll see an astounding array of real life reptiles that have amazing color variations. Some are very much like the one displayed here. Besides, I get bored with plain old green or grey dinosaurs.

This diorama is something of a departure from the others. Although I use the same 'girl' as seen in "The War Party". I've made her a bit more exotic. Called "The Lizard Witch" she has her crawling retinue in tow (about a dozen as I recall) and ready to do her bidding. I like the way the stone head looks in the back ground (another aquarium decoration) festooned with snakes and the like. I've also added a mask which I will further describe below.

A left side shot of "The Lizard Witch". As in the case of "The War Party", I've provided a loin cloth and her nipples are tastefully hidden behind her black tresses.

A view from the left. Notice her staff. That's a real quartz crystal at the tip. I've colored it with clear red enamel.

Here she is with the lizard mask on. You can either think of it as her actual appearance or just treat it as a simple mask.

Here's the right side view showing the lizard mask in silhouette.

Another shot from the left.

I call this diorama "The Hell Spawn", sort of a nod to the exciting climatic scene from Ray Harryhausen's "Jason and the Argonauts" where Jason and the Argonauts battle for their lives against a band of skeleton warriors. This diorama is a little more expensive than others due to the cost of its component parts.

The standing skeleton is the same as the one emerging from the sand on its right but taller (heh heh). Note the REAL fossil shark teeth I used for horns. The stabby thing it is carrying is part of a key chain.

A close up of the late arrival. I'm very happy with the way the bones came out in this dioramas overall paint job.

I'm not really sure what to call this critter...a hell hound maybe? I'm open to suggestions. I got this skeleton of eBay. Though it was fairly inexpensive, it needed TONS of filing and drilling to bring out the skeletal details. Note that he/it is standing on the snout of another skeletal giant rising out of the sands. It is actually a Brachiosaurus skull model I had kicking around.