Zombie Attack

SOLD! - Considering the popularity of the TV show, "The Walking Dead" and the plethera of zombies movies out there, I'd be remiss in not having a representation of the dearly departed munchers on this site.

With this in mind, I took a few quick photos of a small diorama (approx 6" x 6") I made sometime ago and had forgotten about (ya, I'm gettin' old). Anyway, this little scene is actuuly several different kits I pulled together to create the scene. The zombies & girl motorcycle rider are from Masterbox Zonmbieland: Zombie Hunter Road To Freedom. The kit has four zombies in various degrees of decay along with a girl/woman motorcycle rider. Oddly, there was no motorcycle included in the kit so I had to find a 1/35 scale model to fill the gap, as it were.

The base and ruins are from a war gaming company called Verlinden that has dozens of resin ruins kits depicting numerous scene of urban and rural destruction from both world wars. Most are European in nature so if you want to depict an American setting, you might have to spend sometime in altering the architecture to get rid of the 'European' look.

Me being me, I felt that four zombies against one girl was a tad too tame, some I went into my scrap box and found a few 1/35 scale soldier figures from other kits and zombified (is that a word?) them.

I also manged to find a 1/35 scale nude(!) sun bather (she's on the right side of the scene) and zombified her a little too look like she escaped from an autopsy table. On the rear left wall, you can see a zombie soldier chowing down on a leg he scrounged up and if you look through the large picture window, you can see a crawling zombie lady moving in to jon the fun. Hopefully, our motorcycle gal is a good shot.

The photo to the right is the original bare bones model kit. The other photos on the page are of my build up. Note that if you double click on the images, they get a little bigger in size, a feature I just recently discovered.

I originally used this base in an earlier War Of The Worlds build up as you can see by this photo. I ended up in making a more complex scene about the Martian invaders you can find elsewhere on the site.