The Fly

The Fly is an interesting sci-fi/horror film from 1958 which tells the tale of an unfortunate scientist who, during a matter transmission experiment, gets his physical makeup intertwined with that of a common house fly. The film spawned two sequels and a really gooey remake in the 1986 with Jeff Goldblum as the luckless genius. Click here for a complete film description:

Micro Mania's “The Fly” is a nicely cast piece comprised of four elements: the main figure, a 'normal' arm and fly claw (both made of pot metal) and the simple disk base. Very little clean up was needed and the kit assembly is pretty straightforward. I added the fire ax which is based on a final scene in the film where the scientist destroys his matter transmitter. The ax is a simple affair that I made out of a toothpick and some two part model resin for the ax head. I had some checkered doll house floor tile kicking around so I used that for the floor to add a little more interest to the scene.

Here is the movie poster of the film. The 'squares' were to represent a scene from the film when we see the scientist's wife in a 'fly's' eye view,

This is a photocopy of an article touting the film's release in 1958. See if you can figure out why the ad was suddenly pulled from circulation.