The Invisible Man

When this film first came out in 1933, it caused quite a stir, primarily due to the fact the main character;s face wasn't seen until the last few moments of the film. Though the invisibility 'shtick' may seem a bit lame by today's standards, in 1933, it was the cutting edge in special effects. If you liked to read more about the film, click here:

Certainly not one of my favorite 'monster' movies of the 1930's, I really liked the way Joe Simon sculpted and/or designed this kit. There really isn't that much to it because, well, there really isn't that much to the character himself. The kit has only two pieces, the Invisible Man and the base, both of which are resin. I ended up hollowing out the right arm well into the sleeve to give it a sense of 'nothingness'. I cruised Google to get an idea for a color palette, settling on a base of maroon with dark purple for the cuffs & collar. I deeply scribed the resin base to simulate floor boards, nail holes and the like. Easily the simplest of the Micro Mania line, I think it looks the nicest. By adding MM's custom base for the kit would make it a miniature winner in any collection.

Actual movie poster of the film's release in 1933. And, yes, the Gloria Stewart listed in the cast is the same Gloria Stewart we saw as the old lady in 1997's "Titanic"!