The Wolfman

When I first saw this movie as young teen, I really identified with it. Like the sad Larry Talbot character (played by Lon Chaney Jr), I found myself getting hairier, prone to anger and generally alienating myself from those that cared for me. The kicker is that Talbot was as much a victim and those that he uncontrollably killed. A fine movie on many levels. Click here to learn more about it:

This kit is a very detailed sculpt by T. Holter Bruckner. The face is amazing, both in its resemblance to the Lon Chaney 'mask' and the individual teeth in the lower jaw. Truly amazing! This kit had only four parts: the resin base and body along with a pair of pot metal hands. As before, I spruced up the base a bit by adding balsa foam rocks and a dusting of Woodland Scenics Grass Turf.

Actual poster for the 1941 release of "The Wolf Man".