Geometric Design's Wolfman (1997)

Here is yet another Wolman kit that I managed to get my hands on. According to its eBay listing, it is an old 1997 kit by Geometric Design with a set of resin upgrades added in 2003.. The kit is made of both vinyl and resin parts, the resin parts being an extra 'enhanced' Lon Chaney Jr. squinting face 'look' and feet as seen in Universal's 1945 “House Of Dracula”.

The kit is pretty easy although some 'surgery' to the chest area is required if you decide to use the Chaney squinty face (recommended). The improved resin feet fit into the lower legs without any modifications whatsoever. Note that you always have the option of using the 'normal' head and feet if you are reluctant to modify the chest but I think the model is much more interesting with the upgrades.

The kit didn't come with a base which partly explains its $39.95 price tag but it is still a good buy.. Since I am a serious pack rat, I happened to have a base kicking around from an earlier kit (“The Black Scorpion” sculpted by Joe Laudati) which was perfect for this application. I carved the Celtic cross and tombstone out of balsa foam and added Woodland Scenics turf for ground cover and real tea for dead leaves. The dead grass is just bristles from a blown out paint brush I had kicking around.

As I have done in the past, I downloaded a movie poster from the original film and, after fiddling around with the size a bit, I printed it out on glossy photo paper to make the name plate.

This build up took about 12 hours or so and I would rate this kit on the Geof scale of 1 - 5, a B+. It would have been a solid A if a base had been included but I still would recommend it.

I've included a shot of my four, count'em four, Wolfman build ups from various suppliers to give you an idea about what is out there. BTW, each kit has its own write up somewhere on the site if you'd like to learn a little more about them.

Here are my four (so far) Wolfman build-ups. Left to right, the first kit is a Micro Mania, a Polar Lights version, the 1964 Aurora kit and, finally, the Geometric Design's 1997 version. As you can see, the Geometric and Aurora kits are about the same scale.