Skull Island Attack!

     This is an average kit that I purchased from Alternative Images via Facebook depicting the scene in the 1933 classic King Kong where a hapless sailor has scurried up a tree to avoid the wrath of a brontosaurus (Apatosaurus to you and me).

     This kit is a nice sculpt by Joe Laudati, a frequent contributor to the resin kit world of horror and science fiction.  The kit is made up of six pieces and is unusually small for this type of scene in my view.  The brontosaurus is roughly nine inches long with a couple four to six inch trees with a sailor clinging for his life in the larger of the two.

     After I washed the parts with soap and warm water, I hit them with dark gray primer from a rattle can. I went with a medium gray for the brontosaurus followed by a wash of black to bring out the skin textures.

     I painted the two trees in slightly different brown colors for variety and standard colors on the sailor taking refuge on the taller of the two.

     The base was very detailed with knocked over trees and other jungle debris such as vines and the like. Painting every feature was quite time consuming but I am happy with the result. I added ground foam and clumps of the same material to add a little pizzazz to the scene.

The box art for this kit

      The name plate was cast into the base (about which I have mixed feelings) so I went with gold trim and lettering of a gloss black background.

     This is a pretty simple kit and would be a good beginner's introduction to the hobby. Though I wasn't generally that impressed with it, it is certainly better than some other kits I have seen (and built) out there. 12/24/2022