The Joys of 3D Printing and Other Kewl Stuff

As I mentioned several months ago, I recently got my sweaty little hands on a 3D printer. I had all sorts of plans for it, some that I have yet to set in motion but I've still been using this neat device in ways that I hadn't considered at the time. Anyway, this section of the site will be devoted to all things 3D as they relate to my experiences with the machine as they arise and will be updated from time to time.  

Some of the topics will be related to build ups exclusive to my 3D projects and others will be about peripheral uses such as part or object manufacturing. For example, the 3D Terminator bust was what I would call an exclusive 3D project whereas when I was building the 'Final Battle' kit based on Jason and the Argonauts, I decided to print another shield for Jason because the one that came with the kit just didn't 'make it' in my opinion (see photos below).

Here is a picture of some of the shields I downloaded from the internet to replace the one that came with the kit shown in white. The shield with the multi-headed dragon (Ghidorah?) was the one I ended up using.

The top of this page has a promo photo of the printer I use which is a CR-10, one of the more popular and less expensive 3D printers out there. I've also included a shot of my 3D printer workstation which I fashioned from a small computer table which I picked up at Walmart. The learning curve with one of these devices can be steep and a bit frustrating at times but the investment can be well worth it. If any of you would like to pick my brains for help (and it will be slim pickings indeed), feel free to contact me at for tips or pointers. Also the Reddit internet site has an area devoted to 3D printing where you can post your question(s) and generally get a reply in 12 hours or less.

Happy Printing! 🙂