Baby Yoda aka "Grogu"

     SOLD! - This is a commission that I undertook a few days ago of one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars Mandalorian series, Baby Yoda aka Grogu. I also bit off more than I could chew in proposing that the build would be a levitated version (yes, you read it right) but, after lots of research and numerous false starts this proved to be difficult at best. I did manage to come up with a levitating version but I was very disappointed in the end result so I scrapped the whole idea.   I did, however, end up with lots of magnets.

      The Yoda figure was a 3D .stl file I downloaded from Thingaverse (of which there are dozens) and ran off on my filament printer because of the size I wanted to produce which was close to its actual size in the series. Because of this, the print took a bit over two and half DAYS and I was fortunate not to have any failures in the process.

     One aspect of 3D filament printingis that by its nature one can end up with a print that has evidence of layering not unlike one sees when looking at a book edge on. Yoda had traces of this effect on his (its) head and elsewhere but I remedied it by painting these areas with a light coating of 3D resin to fill in the gaps and curing it with a UV light source. After a few applications of this technique, my striation issue went away.

Here's a still of the actual creature.

     Painting Grogu was pretty straightforward since there only four colors involved, jade, khaki, light brown with a touch of orangish pink on the inside of the ears. I made the base from a small wood plaque that I gave a coating of Sculpt-a-mold to give it some texture. After adding a few plastic fern leaves, debris and ground foam later, it was all set to send Grogu to his (its) new home. 5/30/23

The figure complete in every way although I couldn't duplicate the fuzz on the top of Grogu's noggin.