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Welcome to One Eff Geof's Odd Creations web site. This site is something of a personal blog, brag board, movie theater, tip line and location where I''ll be selling a number of my diorama creations. Hopefully, your visit will be interesting, amusing and maybe even informative. I should mention that any of the dioramas on display here that have either light and/or sound effects will have an asterick (*) next to their title. Just play the movie at any of those pages which, I hope will be as entertaining for you as it was challenging for me to build.

I cleaned up the web site a bit and rearranged a few things but everything is still here if you look closely enough. I also rephotographed some of my earlier work which featured female characters in various fictional settings. You'll find my really early work is in the "Ladies" section which you can access by clicking here: 


A recently completed diorama called "Apollo 18: Why We Didn't Go Back - A Conpiracy Theory" is pictured at the right. If you'd like to see more, just click on this link: 


April 26, 2019 was a banner day for this web page since I just reached the 100,000 hits mark! Half of that number is probably from me checking on how many hits I've gotten but most (I hope) are from faithful fans and fellow modelers. Whoever you are, thank you ALL for making One Eff Geof's Odd Creations page a success! Now, on to a million!!

I have also added a new section called "Groovy Videos" (click on the "More" tab above for the drop down menu) which will be a growing collection of very brief films made by animators from around the world that I hope you'll enjoy. At this writing, I have added one about the 1985 award winning MTV video of the song "Take Me On" by the Norwegian pop rock group A-ha. Though not sci-fi or horror per se, I think it fits well in the Groovy Video section. If you're never seen this video, give it a watch and see if you agree.

Additionally, I have been making a number of objects using a 3D printer that I've recently acquired.  I just finished a pair of King Kong figures that you may find interesting. Using the 'More' tab above. selct "3D Kongs" from the King Kong area to take a look. I've also made a 3D bust of the battle damaged Terminator from Terminator 2 that you can see in the "Busts" section.

I've also added a few new tips to the Hints & Tips page that you may find to be helpful. If you have any tips of your own you'd like to share, please feel free to contact me via my email address and I will post it for others to see.

If you have any questions on how I did something or comments correcting any errors (they'll be a few, I'm sure), please leave your remarks in the comments section.  But most of all, enjoy your visit.

Note that ALL photos on this site are of my own build ups unless noted otherwise. Also, ALL the build-ups here are for sale. I couldn't list them all because this website limits my sales area to only five items. If you see something that you like, make me an offer! I only charge my out of pocket expenses plus shipping to you. If interested or you have any questions, please feel to contact me at OneEffGeof@comcast.com

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  • Future projects. There's about twenty kits in there and more on the way.

  • A couple awards I picked up at a recent model show.

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