Black Heart Enterprise's Pretty Scary Wall Hanging

Here is a nice wall hanging of a zombified Sarah Palin from Black Heart Enterprises. It is 1/1 scale (which essentially means 'life size') but I think it is a tad larger in my opinion. That's the box art to the right.

Aside from the bust, a pair of glasses are also provided to add that finishing piece of detail for which Ms Palin is probably best known.

I started by giving the whole piece an even coat of primer gray from a rattle can. I called up several dozen photos of Ms Palin on Google to get a feel for her hair and skin coloring. Fortunately, I had all the water based acrylic colors I would need for the project.

The degree of physical decay & damage to the left side of her face is fairly severe although I think you can tone it down a bit with your choice of coloring if you should so desire. With a project like this, it is very tempting to overdo it but sometimes just a subtle suggestion of shading and texture can be more effective than just piling on the paint. I used a pair of 10mm doll eyes for the cast's irises, brown for the right side and one gray for the left to imply severe trauma to that orb. I also applied several thick coats of Elmer's Glue to give it a milky appearance.

I found a single earring in my junk box which was a bit garish but I felt it was something Palin might have worn before her unfortunate demise so I decided to add it to the bust.

As I said, this wall hanging is out of production but they do turn up from time to time on eBay which is where I got mine at a substantially lower price than its original $185.00 price tag.

Latest comments

18.07 | 20:43

Speechless, And I am really speechless.
Incredible work. I am glad we could provide you with a grail

11.07 | 11:41

Great job down to the last detail!

10.07 | 16:36

Thank you, Addis, I estimate it took me around 100 hours to complete.

10.07 | 12:24

Terrific work...must've taken quite a while for you to complete...very good detail!!

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